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Donna Sawyer
Founder and Instructor
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Creating is my happy place. I have found when I create it gives me the energy I need to deal with the mundane, the challenges, the obstacles, the difficulties, the sadness. It is not a stopping place, it is a launching place; for creativity, courage and connection with myself and with others.  I believe creating connects hearts, souls and passions. So that is why I started Meraki which means putting your heart, soul and passions into something you create.  My desire is to inspire people to create with these monthly projects and create kits. 

Valerie Spoelhof
Creative Contributor and Instructor
    Nancy Spooner
    Creative Contributor and Instructor


      Introducing the crew

      All of us here at Meraki believe creating is the spice of life. We have been creating for a collective of 130 years. Can you believe that? The best part of creating is when we create with other people, inspiring  one another! You have to meet these women. They are amazing!!!

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